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The Claim Toolkit is a set of software tools and training classes proven to dramatically improve Claim Rep skills. Used at insurance carriers, Third Party Administrators and self insureds, we support your team by giving them the RIGHT INFORMATION so they can make the RIGHT DECISION, RIGHT NOW.

The Claim Toolkit does NOT replace your Claim Management system. The Claim Toolkit provides Knowledge Management and Decision Support to help your Claim Reps pay the right amount while saving time and effort.

All of the Toolkits Include:

  • Just in time training tailored to the claims you handle
  • Industry leading legal compliance information
  • Constantly updated legal digests, procedural and reference materials, medical references and industry best practices
  • Sophisticated calculation wizards for liability, contents and property claims
  • An impressive and immediate return on your costs

Claim Toolkit for Auto helps you Identify, Assess and Negotiate Auto Liability with a focus on shared responsibility. Over 34% of all crashes have more then one driver at fault. What’s your percent?


Claim Toolkit for Audit helps you measure how accountable your organization is to your best practices. Using a secure web application your auditors and supervisors answer a series of questions about a claim file and the system tallies the results: by Company, Branch, Unit, Claim Rep. You get real time reporting on your most urgent priorities, plus a complete communication loop from the auditor to the claim rep. It is so easy to implement and very cost effective. Throw out those spreadsheets and drive performance improvement through the power of measurement and feedback all completely visible through any web browser.


Claim Toolkit for Contents connects you to your customers, outside adjusters, agents and replacement services. Based on a centralized inventory list and an easy to use internet application, each of the parties involved can do their part to ensure high customer satisfaction, accurate payments and low costs. Many companies have tried outside services to value their contents claims. Use your own team to make a difference for your company.


Claim Toolkit for Homeowners helps you identify the property or liability claim issues that drive your payments. The insured’s satisfaction of how the claim was handled makes up 44% of the insurer's image. From writing a property estimate to assessing a slip and fall, this product ensures accurate payments – and a great impression.


Claim Toolkit for Commercial brings it all together for the complex world of Commercial Claims. Commercial customers with a question resolved on the same day have a 22% higher satisfaction score then those who wait one day. Get fingertip access to legal information, building codes, liability best practices, and damage calculators – all the answers you need.

How It Works

Our approach is unique for a software company. We believe that no amount of automation will ever replace the well informed, well trained Claim Professional. You need great people armed with great tools to reduce the human trauma and economic costs of loss and catastrophe. Therefore, we have made it our mission to provide your team with the Right Information so that they can make the Right Decision, Right Now. The Claim Toolkit is a knowledge management and decision support application that helps you:

  • Investigate
  • Assess
  • Negotiate
Containing over 25,000 constantly updated reference sources, and scores of tips, techniques and tools, the Claim Toolkit benefits both personal and commercial lines claim professionals.

The Claim Toolkit Process

Claim Toolkit Demo

To find out if the Claim Toolkit is right for your team, please give us a call or complete the form below. We can demonstrate the product in person or remotely.

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T. Mark Fay Foundation Scholarship Program

In 2005, The T. Mark Fay Foundation established a scholarship fund to help promising young college students pursue the opportunity to join the exciting and challenging world of insurance claims. Each year up to four $3000 annual scholarships are awarded. In order to be eligible for consideration, students must be an incoming junior or senior or an insurance-specific post graduate student at an accredited four-year college or university; and have a contracted willingness to interview for and fairly consider a position as a claim professional upon graduation.

“This is part of an industry-wide effort to identify, mentor and support the bright young people we need,” said Mark Fay, President of T. Mark Fay Consulting. “The US economy depends on a strong insurance community. That strength comes in large measure from great claims people who evaluate and control the economic costs of catastrophe and mitigate the human trauma involved.”

Click here to apply.

While there is no requirement that a recipient must take a job as a claims professional, Mr. Fay is optimistic that many will do just that. “My goal is to give young people the incentive and the opportunity to explore this field. After that, the nature of the job will delight and inspire many of them.”

Each scholarship is named after a well-known insurance claims executive. The executive selects the recipients and mentors them throughout their college career. After graduation, the executive helps identify job opportunities and useful contacts and continues to mentor and support the scholarship recipient.

Scholarship Qualifications

The deadline to submit applications each year is August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. The winners will be notified by mail and scholarship funds will be awarded to the recipient. Half of the $3000 scholarship is paid in September for the Fall semester and January for the Spring semester.

Students must submit a completed application, personal statement, two (2) references and proof of good standing at a four year accredited institution as a Junior or Senior, or doing insurance claims specific post-graduate work to be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered. No application material will be returned.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria and their weights are as follows:

  1. Personal Statement 20%
  2. Objectives of students 20%
  3. Recommendations and/or endorsements of students 40%
  4. Current academic standing 20%

Review and Selection Process

An initial administrative review of applications is conducted to determine compliance with requirements and completeness of applications. A panel of five foundation board members will individually review and rate applications based on the evaluation criteria. A numerical ranking will be assigned to each application based on the average of the panel members’ ratings. The person for whom the scholarship is named makes the final decision.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation will establish the criteria and procedures for accepting, reviewing and approving scholarships. The Foundation Board will annually establish a budget for the scholarship program. Any decision to accept or reject an application for a scholarship is within the complete discretion of the T. Mark Fay Educational Foundation Insurance Scholarship Board of Directors.

The T. Mark Fay Foundation is a charitable trust funded by periodic grants from T. Mark Fay Consulting, Inc. Charities include scholarships for persons interested in claims as a career and other various non-profit entities.

T. Mark Fay Foundation
3108 S. Route 59
Suite 124 - 194
Naperville, Illinois 60564

Previous Scholarship Recipients

The T. Mark Fay Foundation announces scholarships awards for the academic year 2006 - 2007:

James J. Gebolys Honorary Scholarship 
Sarah Hinojosa
University of Texas at San Antonio
Major in Political Science and Minor in Business

William Pack Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Whitney
Western State College of Colorado
Major in Sociology and Business

T. Mark Fay Foundation Scholarship 
Laurie O'Berry
Huntington College, Montgomery Alabama
Major in Business